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Sporting events pose special challenges. The combination of dense crowds, media visibility, and high economic value at such events creates great risk to people, property, and reputation.

Venue managers, event sponsors, and government authorities must consider such scenarios, to ensure safe and successful sporting events.

Is your organization prepared?  


The Path to Preparedness

Managing risks begins by asking, “What could go wrong?” Failure to prepare is often the result of failure of imagination. While it’s impossible to anticipate and plan for every specific threat or hazard, resilient organizations must be able to connect the dots and apply what they know (and whom they know) to new and unrehearsed situations.

Through exercises and crisis simulations, Cadmus can help you unlock your organization’s ability to think creatively to resolve complex challenges. We take time to understand your values, your situation, your capabilities, and your plans—and we create scenarios to challenge them, working through a range of operational and policy implications.

Based on the results of your exercise, we help your organization analyze both specific and broadly applicable lessons. We bring expert insight on stakeholder capabilities, resources, technologies, and best practices, and help your organization evaluate and select the right solution for resolving preparedness gaps, both for your next event and for the long term.

A Tailored Solution

Cadmus offers a comprehensive preparedness and resilience solution designed to identify and address gaps in preparedness at every stage. We go beyond the exercise phase to work with your organization on increasing your readiness posture by establishing response plans and protocols and training your staff to act on them, if and when the time comes.

Our approach is scalable and tailored: we will execute only those portions of our approach that you need, in accordance with your unique situation. We have applied this solution to help clients address their individual priorities, including:

  • Detailed threat/hazard, vulnerability, and risk assessments
  • Crisis coordination and business continuity planning
  • Effective public messaging development
  • Capacity building for executives and staff, through training and expert seminars and workshops
  • Knowledge management systems for documenting lessons learned
  • Metrics, analytics, and evaluation processes for continuous improvement

Cadmus employs leaders in emergency management, law enforcement, and crisis decision-making. Our experts include former FEMA Administrator W. Craig Fugate, who managed the agency’s response to more than 500 presidentially declared disasters.

Since 2010, our team has coordinated and executed over 300 special event preparations, tabletop exercises, and emergency simulations across the full spectrum of threats and hazards, including leading exercises on the White House’s most complex issues since 2005.

Ensure You're Ready

The security and emergency management professionals at Cadmus can help ensure your organization is ready for whatever situation might arise at your next event. We are the premier provider of exercises, planning, training, risk assessment, and analysis in the realms of safety, security, and resilience. We have conducted executive-level training and emergency preparedness simulations for decision-makers and operators for the Super Bowl, the NCAA Final Four, the Winter Olympics, and the Kentucky Derby.

Cadmus has earned the trust of some of the most powerful organizations in the world, from Fortune 500 CEOs, to the President of the United States and his Cabinet, to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Executives from C suites to the White House rely on our team to help work through some of their most sensitive problems. Our diverse experiences allow us to bring substantive insights into testing and improving an organization’s overall preparedness posture. Download our sell sheet or contact us to learn how we can help.

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Meet the Expert


As a principal in Cadmus' homeland security sector, David Waldman provides subject-matter expertise on federal interagency incident management policy and coordination, national emergency preparedness and response policy, as well as continuity of government operations. He has extensive practical and consulting experience working as a senior executive in national preparedness and resilience programs; strategic planning and process improvements; senior-level facilitation; as well as response, recovery, and mitigation policy. Contact him today.